George Van Day

Photo of George Van Day. He is a young man with fair skin and dark, curly, shoulder-length brown hair. He is wearing a dress shirt and smiling slightly.Name: George Van Day
Died: June 27, 2015
Age at death: 26
Cause of death: Murder
Location: Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico

George Van Day was a native of Brighton, England who had gone on vacation to Mexico. He was fascinated with America, so he took a plane to Mexico City and made for the border, seeking entry into the US as a tourist. Unfortunately he was refused and had to return to Mexico.

Later that day, George was assaulted. It is not known who attacked him, but he went back to the border and was taken to a hospital by border guards. There he was treated, discharged, and returned to Mexico–only to collapse from a massive stroke. He lived for ten days in the hospital before being taken off life support.

Back in Brighton, a coroner discovered that the doctors at the hospital had missed a damaged artery in George's brain, which had ruptured and killed him.

Mexico does not consider George's death to be a homicide because it was due to a stroke, ignoring the fact that the stroke was caused by the assault. A year after his death, his parents are still seeking justice.

Parents' anger at lack of investigation into death of son, 26, in Mexico (From The Argus)

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