Joseph Haines

Name: Joseph "Joe" Haines.
Died: June 27, 2015.
Age at death: 25.
Cause of death: Suicide (Hanging).
Location: Weston-super-Mare, England, UK.

Joe Haines had two sisters. He was a weightlifter. He was good at gaming and a good chess player. His sister Charlotte remembers his great sense of humor and says he was "the most honest guy I ever met".

In addition to his Asperger's, Joe Haines had depression, but he was fighting hard to survive. Unfortunately, no one seemed to want to help him.

Feeling suicidal, he texted the hospital. He didn't have credit to call, so he kept texting for nine hours. Finally they agreed to call him back, but then nobody ever called.

Eventually Joe called the emergency number and asked for an ambulance, saying he "didn't want to be here anymore". They refused to send an ambulance, assuming Joe was just fine despite his blatant suicidal ideation.

Then he went to the emergency department and asked for help, but sat waiting for two hours until his anxiety forced him to leave.

He enlisted his family to help, and they contacted Joe's doctor and a mental health crisis team. The crisis team told his family that they didn't work with people who had autism.

So they called services for people with autism, and were told that Joe was perfectly fine.

Having exhausted all his options and believing no one cared to help, Joe hanged himself.

Weston family made ‘frantic efforts’ for suicidal son – but system failed him
Autistic man shunned by mental health teams hours before death
Family of autistic man who killed himself accuse SIX agencies of ignoring pleas for help

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