Jonah Jackson

Name: Jonah Curtis Jackson
Died: August 8, 2015
Age at death: 6
Cause of death: Multiple murder (Shot)
Location: Houston, Texas, USA

Other victims:
Valerie Jackson(Mother), 40, NT
Dwayne Jackson (Father), 50, NT
Nathaniel Conley (Half-brother), 13, ADHD/ODD
Honesty Jackson (Sister), 11, NT
Dwayne Jackson Jr (Brother), 10, NT
Caleb Jackson (Brother), 9, TBI
Trinity Jackson (Sister), 7, NT

Jonah Jackson was the youngest member of a family murdered by his mother's ex-husband.

His family had been reported to child protective services multiple times for abuse or neglect, but the reports were never substantiated.

Jonah's mother's ex-husband broke into their home, handcuffed the family of eight to chairs, and then shot each person in the head, killing them. The killer had a history of violence.

Editor's note: I find it sad that despite all the sensational media coverage of this mass murder, there's not very much being written about the victims. I can only imagine what it must have been like for little Jonah, six years old and autistic, growing up being exposed to domestic violence and most likely being abused himself. The photo of him in his paper policeman's cap is particularly poignant in retrospect because, of course, the police were in the end unable to protect him.

Texas man kills ex who once dubbed him ‘best father in the whole world,' her husband, 6 kids: deputies
Murdered Houston Family Well Known to CPS
Jonah Curtis Jackson Of NW Houston, Texas

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