Gemma Dove

Name: Gemma Louise Dove.
Died: October 23, 2015.
Age at death: 33.
Cause of death: Medical neglect; delayed treatment for atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome.
Location: Bridport, England, UK.

Gemma is remembered as “a much-loved young woman who touched many lives”.

She was taken to the hospital with what seemed to be a stomach bug. But because she was extremely touch-sensitive, she could not be examined. Doctors were repeatedly advised that Gemma should have anesthesia so she could be examined; but for four days, they ignored this advice while Gemma lay sick in the hospital.

By the time doctors finally gave Gemma the anesthesia and a proper exam, she was very sick from a rare kidney disorder that was already causing multiple organ failure. In its early stages, this disorder can be treated successfully 75% of the time; but because of the delay, it was certain death for Gemma.

Gemma Dove, 33, died of multiple organ failure at Dorset County Hospital, an inquest heard

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