Dustin Hicks

Photo of a boy with very short blond hair. An adult's arm is draped across his shoulders from off-frame.Name: Dustin Hicks
Died: November 5, 2015
Age at death: 14
Cause of death: Gunshot
Location: Dawsonville, Georgia, USA

When Dustin was about three years old, his mother filed a vaccine-injury compensation petition. The decision denies her petition and states that the mother did not provide any medical evidence or expert testimony that Dustin’s autism had been caused by a vaccine. There is some evidence that Dustin’s mother subjected him to a lot of biomed “interventions” for autism.

Dustin’s parents were separated and he lived with his mother, but his father picked him up for visitation. Dustin was always happy to see his father, and would run to the door to greet him. When one day Dustin did not run to the door, his father called the police, who found Dustin dead.

At fourteen years old, Dustin had been shot by his mother, who then shot herself, in a murder-suicide. She left a note explaining that because of Dustin’s autism and Crohn’s disease, she was “giving him back to God” so that he could “be in a better place”, and committing suicide because she wanted to join him.

Police: Dawsonville mother shoots disabled son, self
North Georgia woman shoots special needs son, then herself
Was the murder of Dustin Hicks committed by a biomed mom?

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