Moses Rodriguez

Photo of Moses Rodriguez, a young man with tan skin and black hair, wearing a graduation mortarboard and robe with a yellow sash. He is wearing glasses and smiling awkwardly for the camera.Name: Moses Rodriguez.
Died: November 5, 2015.
Age at death: 24.
Cause of death: Lack of care.
Location: Nampa, Idaho, USA.

“Moses Rodriguez loved computers and music. His favorite song was “Low Rider” by War. He enjoyed watching Blues Clues and Barney. He never once had a cavity growing up because he didn’t like candy or soda. He loved his nieces and nephews and liked trying to bite their toes as they hung below blankets while the children watched T.V. He enjoyed dancing with his mother.”

Until he was 24 years old, Moses lived with his mother. But she became unable to care for him because she had post-polio syndrome, so Moses moved into a residential facility. The facility took custody of Moses after scheduling a hearing with a judge, without even informing his mother.

Moses was neglected by staff and grew sicker and sicker. His epilepsy medication was changed and his treatment was neglected, and he was hospitalized multiple times for seizures. He was heavily drugged with Haldol to sedate him and keep him from wanting to leave with his mother when she visited. But the final straw was his mother’s discovery of a bruise on his head. She made a police report, and two days later she got Moses released back to her home. There, he was able to dance with his mother for the last time, she in her power chair and Moses back home where he wanted to be.

But it was too late for Moses; his health had been so compromised that only days later his mother found him collapsed on the floor. He was rushed to the hospital, but died there days later.

Staff at the center have been accused of abusing residents, and the death of another resident, Drew Rinehart, age 27, is under investigation by police. Moses’s mother sued, hoping to get her son’s story heard, but had to settle for $10,000, which she used to arrange a memorial service for Moses.

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Moses Rodriguez
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