Demykho “Ross” Forbes

Photo of a man with dark skin and a buzz cut, smiling slightly.Name: Demykho “Ross” Forbes
Died: November 11, 2015
Age at death: 30
Cause of death: Homicide (Drive-by shooting)
Location: Nassau, The Bahamas

Demykho Forbes, known as Ross, was killed in a drive-by shooting. He was with a friend of his when a car occupied by three gang members pulled up. A teenager inside the car shot them both; his friend was robbed and seriously injured, and Ross died.

Ross’s friends say he was “not a criminal or a gangbanger”, but that he was autistic and very much wanted to fit in.

The teenage gang member has been arrested and accused of killing Ross as well as murdering two other people, including an elementary school teacher named Joyelle McIntosh and a man named Adrian Munroe.

Autistic Man Was Victim Of Drive-By Shooting
Teen Accused Of Killing Teacher
Demykho Ross Forbes Obituary

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