Shane Laycock

Photo of Shane Laycock, a boy with light skin photographed next to a large tree. He is wearing a backpack, a fedora, and a Superman T-shirt.Name: Shane Laycock
Died: November 12, 2015
Age at death: 11
Cause of death: Suicide
Location: Bethalto, Illinois, USA

Shane was good at science and history. He specialized in animals and their habitats, and knew a lot about the American Civil War. Shane had a favorite tree in his neighbor’s yard, and once climbed so high into it that firefighters had to be called to get him down. When he needed to get rid of excess energy, he would ride a stationary bicycle in his family’s garage. He liked to walk barefoot.

But Shane was also socially isolated with no friends at school; he felt that even the adults there did not understand him or care about him. Shane dealt with bullying daily.

At eleven years old, Shane committed suicide. His organs were donated and saved the lives of five people, and his family and friends organized a walk in his honor to raise money for education for children with autism.

Somber turnout for ‘Shane’s Walk’: Event raises awareness about autism and bullying
‘A huge, loving heart’ — Bethalto boy struggled with autism before suicide
Hate Crime and Autism

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