Ryan Birse

Portrait photo of Ryan Birse. He is a young man with light skin and dark brown hair in a buzz cut. He is wearing a black sweater.Name: Ryan Birse.
Died: February 25, 2016.
Age at death: 22.
Cause of death: Murder (Shot).
Location: Elizabethtown, Kentucky, USA.

Since he was a child, Ryan had loved cars. His mother remembers him sitting in the pews at church, playing with his favorite toy car and making engine noises so loudly that his grandfather had to shush him. Though he had trouble in school, he worked hard, graduated from high school, and completed a program at Diesel College to become a mechanic. He liked hockey and was a fan of the Nashville Predators. He wanted to work on cars and become a farmer.

Ryan had a younger sister and two dogs named Paisley and Sarah. He was a friendly young man who was well-liked at school.

Ryan worked at a KFC-Taco Bell. But he made the mistake of telling a co-worker not to touch the food after touching the dirty dishwasher, and his co-worker shot him nine times in the back; he died within minutes. Police said he probably never saw the shots coming.

‘Gentle giant’ should get 55 years for killing Taco Bell co-worker with 9 shots, jury says
Family's 'unbearable' loss at heart of Central Kentucky trial
Witness says argument about sanitary habits prompted fatal shooting at fast food restaurant
Friend remembers slain fast-food worker
Ryan Birse's accused murderer deemed competent to stand trial
Shooting victim, shooter worked together at KFC/Taco Bell

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