Elric Eiffert

Close-up photo of Elric Eiffert, somewhat blurred. He is a young man with fair skin and brown hair and eyes; his smile shows white, straight teeth.Name: Elric Eiffert
Died: April 13, 2016
Age at death: 34
Cause of death: Undetermined
Location: Maidstone, England, UK

Elric's family was initially told that he died because he drowned in the bathtub during a seizure. Since Elric had epilepsy, he should have been monitored during baths.

But the investigation into Elric's death hasn't yet come to a conclusion, and his family worry that there might be more to his death than simple negligence. During their last visit to him while he was alive, he was thin and shaky. When they went to view his body, they saw that Elric was emaciated and looked dirty and neglected.

The care home had a history of failing inspections because of an unsafe environment, with boiling water being left unattended in the kitchen and two incidents in which residents were given double the medication they should have had.

Family no closer to knowing how severely autistic Elric Eiffert died in care home bath
Autistic Maidstone man Elric Eiffert drowned in the bath at Sidcup’s Loring Hall care home

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