Kayce McDermed

Photo of a teenage girl with blond hair and glasses, lying down.Name: Kayce McDermed.
Died: May 2, 2016.
Age at death: 16.
Cause of death: Neglect (Malnutrition, pneumonia, bedsores).
Location: Yakima, Washington, USA.

Kayce had a rare genetic disorder that caused quadriplegia, blindness and autism. She couldn’t use words, but she would sigh when she was happy and shriek when she was uncomfortable.

Kayce’s guardian took her out of high school. Isolated at home, she was neglected and left alone in bed for long periods of time. Kayce died of malnutrition, pneumonia, and severe bedsores.

Severely disabled, neglected and dead at 16
Caregiver accused in death of disabled teen
Washington caregiver accused in death of disabled teen
Woman accused of neglecting quadriplegic girl, 16, causing her death
Caregiver accused of starving Yakima teen to death charged with murder

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