James and Kathleen Casullo

Name: James Casullo.
Age at death: 8

Name: Kathleen Casullo.
Age at death: 12

Died: May 26, 2016.
Cause of death: Multiple murder-suicide; gunshot.
Location: Wallkill, New York, USA

James was home-schooled, and his neighbors say his family “kept to themselves” and were rarely seen, not allowed outside to play. Kathleen, his older sister, went to a private school. Their father was a retired police officer; their mother was a firefighter.

James and Kathleen’s father shot them as they slept in their beds; then he committed suicide. Their mother, who was not home at the time, came home to find their bodies.

05/27/2016: Police identify Wallkill murder-suicide suspect
05/27/2016: Police: Retired Town of Newburgh cop killed his son, his daughter, himself
05/27/2016: 2 children, 1 with autism, among dead in Wallkill murder-suicide
05/27/2016: Wife of Retired Police Officer Finds Bodies of Her Kids, Husband After Murder-Suicide
05/28/2016: Wallkill father who killed his kids shot them while they slept

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