Honesty Sanders

Photo of Honesty Sanders. She is an African-American toddler girl wearing a pink shirt. Her hair is done with a dozen plastic hair clips.Name: Honesty Nicole Sanders.
Died: June 6, 2016.
Age at death: 4.
Cause of death: Beating (Lungs crushed).
Location: Kansas City, Kansas, USA.

Honesty Sanders’s mother had been going through a hard time, so she took Honesty to stay at her grandmother’s house. But Honesty’s grandmother in turn left her with her father, who was abusive, and who beat little Honesty to death.

Honesty’s father and his girlfriend claimed that that she was autistic, apparently as part of a ploy to cover up their actions to the police. Her mother’s incredulous reaction implies that Honesty was not actually autistic, but that her father and his girlfriend labeled her autistic in an effort to get away with murder.

Both were sentenced to 15 years in prison.

From Honesty’s obituary:

Little Miss Honesty was a loving Christian child who had a sweet spirit. Whenever someone was crying, hurt or sick she’d rub her back and say, “It’ll be okay. Do you want me to pray for you?” She loved her family and shared a special bond with her big sister. She was very protective when it came to her and even though they were sisters, they were also best friends.

Little Miss Honesty loved to eat and drink often saying. “I’m thirsty!” She also loved to sing and dance, and would hum a tune to everything she did. She was beautiful inside and out, a fighter she was and she will be truly missed.

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Little Miss Honesty Nicole Sanders
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