Aaron Pajich

Portrait photo of Aaron Pajich, a young man with light skin and brown hair, wearing a black polo shirt with blue trim.Name: Aaron Pajich
Died: June 13, 2016; body found June 20, 2016
Age at death: 18
Cause of death: Murder
Location: Perth, Australia

Aaron was a “kind and gentle soul” who was “very trusting”, his family says. He loved computers and gaming.

Aaron enjoyed school. He was religious, going to church regularly and having “given himself to the Lord”. His parents were divorced, so he lived with his mother and visited his father and stepmother regularly. He “respected life” and could be depended on to help his family.

Aaron Pajich disappeared after going to meet a friend, a 13-year-old with whom he wanted to meet to play video games. But the phone call that had lured him to the meeting was made by his friend’s mother and her girlfriend, and his gaming partner was nowhere to be found–just the two women who intended to kill him for a thrill.

Aaron went missing. His body was found days later, buried under a concrete slab in their backyard; he had been stabbed and strangled. In the house was a locked room covered in plastic and stained with Aaron’s blood.

The women who lured him to the house and killed him have been convicted of murder.

His family held a vigil, releasing balloons and lighting candles for Aaron. Aaron’s father says that he believes Aaron is a hero, because if Aaron had not fought so hard to survive, police would not have found so much evidence to convict his killers, who may very well have meant him to be the first of a serial-killer’s career.

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