James Boucher

Name: James Boucher.
Died: June 29, 2016.
Age at death: 40.
Cause of death: Died when his drunk mother crashed the car.
Location: Rockaway Township, New Jersey, USA.

James's mother had a history of driving drunk, having been charged multiple times with drunk driving, including driving drunk in a school zone. She had already had one accident; she had run her car into a utility pole and been suspended from her job as a result. However, despite knowing firsthand that drunk driving causes accidents, James's mother got drunk, put him in the car, and started driving without even fastening his seat belt. There was, indeed, an accident, and James died after three days in the hospital. His mother was sentenced to 5 years.

Bail hearing for Debra Boucher in DWI death of son
Son dies after mom's alleged DWI crash in Rockaway
Rockaway Twp. mother charged with death-by-auto in son's death
Rockaway Twp. mother charged in alleged DWI crash that led to son's death
Sentencing put off for mother who caused son's death in Rockaway Twp.
Drunk Rockaway Twp. mom who caused son's death gets 5 years in prison

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