Shaelynn Lehano-Stone

Black and white photo of Shaelynn Lehano-Stone as a baby. She is a girl with light skin and dark hair and eyes. She is holding a baby's toy and chewing on it.Name: Shaelynn Alohalani Haleaka Lehano-Stone.
Died: June 28, 2016.
Age at death: 9.
Cause of death: Neglect (Starvation).
Location: Hilo, Hawaii, USA.

After her father assaulted her mother, Shaelynn was removed from their home, but was returned to her grandmother’s custody. Since her grandmother lived with her parents, that was as good as returning her to her parents.

In the year before her death, Shaelynn was taken out of school. Her parents starved and deprived her of water and medical attention. Although she was noted to be malnourished by the state, she stayed with them until she died of malnutrition and pneumonia.

Shaelynn’s 13-year-old brother and 11-year-old sister were removed from the home and are recovering.

Woman found guilty of manslaughter in death of 9-year-old daughter
Family of 9-year-old Big Island girl who starved to death is suing the state for wrongful death
Shaelynn Lehano-Stone
Hilo girl allegedly starved to death was once ward of state
CPS had been in contact with Hawaii girl starved to death since she was a toddler
Father faces mental exam in alleged child starvation
Suit alleges state’s to blame for starvation death of 9-year-old Hilo girl

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