Leah Ratheram

Photo of Leah Ratheram. She is a young woman with pale skin and black hair in a pixie cut. She is wearing dark-red lipstick and dark mascara, a formal black dress, and a necklace shaped like an ornate brass key.Name: Leah Ratheram.
Died: October 7, 2016.
Age at death: 20.
Cause of death: Suicide (Hanging), after long-term bullying/assault, inadequate mental health care.
Location: Birmingham, England, UK.

Leah Ratheram, who was living with autism and fetal alcohol syndrome, had the misfortune of also living next door to the neighbors from hell.

Two of her neighbors forced their way into her home and beat her severely with a metal dog chain. They threw her friend, who was staying with her, off their third-story balcony; he survived, but with injuries so severe that he was left with a permanently damaged hip joint. And as if beating her with a dog lead wasn't enough, the invaders poured vinegar into Leah's wounds before leaving. They were caught and sentenced to prison, but Leah's mental health began to suffer after the incident.

Already a domestic violence survivor and prone to mood swings, Leah was transferred from one mental health agency to another, and the new agency talked about but never scheduled proper assessments. Unable to find help, Leah succumbed to depression and committed suicide.

Woman killed herself after she was beaten with dog lead and vinegar was poured in wounds
Leah Ratheram killed herself months after attack, inquest hears
This is the tragic woman driven to suicide by neighbour from hell

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