Tianna Kirchner

Name: Tianna Kirchner.
Died: October 29, 2016 (Body found); died about 4 years previously.
Age at death: 4.
Cause of death: Unknown.
Location: Everett, Washington, USA.

Tianna's family, under investigation in her death, has given several different explanations of why Tianna died. They said she died of chicken pox or a brain tumor, that she drowned in the bathtub or that another child had drowned her.

How Tianna died is not known, but what is known is that Tianna's body was found stuffed into a concrete-filled storage container four years later.

Parents Under Investigation After Missing 4-Year-Old’s Remains Found Encased in Concrete
Body of 4-year-old girl found in plastic tub in Everett; she’s been dead several years
Child’s body found in plastic storage bin in Everett
4-Year-Old Girl's Corpse Hidden For Four Years
Timeline surrounding death of child found in storage bin
Grandmother wants answers after grandchild's remains found in Everett
Body of 4-year-old girl missing for years found encased in concrete in storage container

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