Christopher Laskaris

Photo of Christopher Laskaris, a young man with dark hair and light skin; he has a neatly trimmed beard and mustache.Name: Christopher Laskaris.
Died: November 17, 2016.
Age at death: 24.
Cause of death: Stabbed in the heart.
Location: Leeds, England, UK.

Christopher was targeted by a man who saw he was vulnerable and planned to exploit him by supplying him with drugs. But during the visit, Christopher was killed by a stab wound to the heart. Days later, the killer returned to his home to steal Christopher’s electronics and guitars.

Christopher’s family later found out that police had checked on Christopher during a mental health crisis and broken down the door. The door was left unsecured, allowing the killer to walk right in and begin to exploit Christopher.

The killer was sentenced to 25 years to life. The social services agency and police that forced Christopher to live with his door broken for five days were never disciplined.

Christopher’s Story
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