Jamie Fairclough

Name: Jamie Fairclough.
Died: December 9, 2016.
Age at death: 26.
Cause of death: Suicide, after harassment in supported living and no attempt made to help him.
Location: Folkestone, England, UK.

Jamie was a kind-hearted, smart young man who “would give anyone anything” and wanted, most of all, a good friend.

He lived in supported housing, but he wasn’t happy there. One of his fellow residents regularly bullied him, borrowing money and then paying him back with drugs instead of money. Jamie’s mother tried to advocate for him, but was brushed off. And Jamie himself had trouble communicating with his case manager; he had requested a female case manager because he had difficulty trusting and working with men, but he was assigned a male caseworker anyway. And when Jamie missed a meeting, his caseworker didn’t try to contact him for three months.

Without support and bullied by fellow residents, Jamie took his own life. Even though he lived in supported housing, his body was only found when his mother noticed he had not messaged her over the Internet for more than a day and demanded someone check on him; even when she did, nobody checked on him for three hours, and when they did, he was dead.

‘My son’s death could have been avoided,’ says heartbroken mum after NHS failure

One thought on “Jamie Fairclough

  1. Im forever heartbroken. I will never forgive the bullies Jamie suffered. What a unkind hateful world this is. Love you my son forever 26. Never ever forgotten. X


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