Stefanie Almer

Photo of Stefanie Almer, a woman with pale skin and brown hair. She is wearing a striped sweater over a T-shirt; her wavy hair is cut short. She has her mouth slightly open, showing large front teeth.Name: Stefanie Almer.
Died: December 11, 2016.
Age at death: 36.
Cause of death: Ischemic bowel due to untreated bowel obstruction.
Location: Redfield, South Dakota, USA.

Stefanie was a resident at a developmental center. She was nicknamed “Punky” and noted for her habit of giving hugs to everyone. Despite her very small vocabulary, Stefanie knew how to request a phone call and would call her mother to say “I love you”.

Stefanie had a congenital bowel condition called Meckel’s diverticulum and had had a partial colectomy. Staff were supposed to be giving her medication for constipation and monitoring her health. However, when Stefanie got sick, they did not treat her illness, and by the time they called paramedics, Stefanie was dead.

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