Brandon Robinson

Name: Brandon Robinson.
Died: January 10, 2017.
Age at death: 19.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Charleston, West Virginia, USA.

Brandon was abused as a child, but adopted by another family.

At eighteen, he had a meltdown and his family called the police. Brandon bit one of the police officers, so they took him to jail, where he stayed for several months. Then, because he was eighteen, the police released him onto the streets without his family’s knowledge, despite his autism, ADHD, and mental illness. His family finally found him living at a homeless shelter, but didn’t want to bring him back home. So they spent some time trying to find a group home for Brandon.

In the meantime, Brandon got into an argument with another man he had met while living at the homeless shelter. The other man says Brandon had a tree branch and was trying to hit him with it. Whether he did or not, the evidence shows that the man slashed Brandon with a machete and stomped on him until he was unconscious, then dumped him into a freezing river to drown.

West Virginia Homeless Man Arrested in Alleged Machete Attack
Family shares story of autistic teen murdered by machete
UPDATE: Fatal machete attack case headed to trial in October
Victim presumed dead; man in custody after machete attack
Charleston man gets maximum sentence in machete murder

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