Jordan Wright

Photo of Jordan Wright, a young man with brown skin, curly black hair in a crew cut, and neatly trimmed beard. He is wearing a black jacket over a gray shirt.Name: Jordan Wright.
Died: April 19, 2017.
Age at death: 19.
Cause of death: Murder (Stabbed).
Location: London, England, UK.

Jordan’s family remembers his sense of humor, and say that though he agreed to fight “over nonsense”, he still had a strong sense of right and wrong. He was naive, unaware of the dangers of knife crime and gang violence, and thought of others as being just as innocent as he was. He was due to start an apprenticeship as a construction worker in two days.

Jordan and another young man got involved in a dissing match over WhatsApp, each trying to prove to the other that he was “least gay”. Egged on by other young people including some school friends, the two escalated their contest, ending in an agreement to meet for a fight in a nearby park.

Remembering his mother’s admonition that carrying a knife was a serious thing, Jordan came to the park unarmed, expecting a fistfight. But Jordan’s opponent had no such scruples; he came armed with a kitchen knife. He stabbed the unarmed Jordan multiple times until he collapsed on the ground.

Jordan died from his injuries. More than 600 people attended his funeral.

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