Rochelle Simms

Photo of Rochelle Simms, a heavyset young woman with tan skin and black curly hair.Name: Rochelle Renee Simms.
Died: April 15, 2017.
Age at death: 32.
Cause of death: Unknown suspicious death.
Location: Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA.

Rochelle had Asperger’s. She was a bookworm who loved Disney movies and had graduated high school with honors; as an adult, she lived in an assisted living complex. She walked downtown for fun, visiting antique shops and eating at restaurants. She would greet and talk to people, especially dog owners. If she thought someone was hungry, she would feed them. She had particular empathy for others with disabilities.

Her family remembers her big hugs most of all, calling them “”Chelle hugs’, because no one could hug you like Rochelle.”

Rochelle vanished from downtown Fredericksburg, seemingly without a trace. Because she tended to trust people, her family was immediately worried that she might have trusted the wrong person.

Two months later, her body was found in the woods. The cause of her death could not be determined; eventually, the police department closed the case and categorized her death as “non-criminal” for lack of evidence. Nevertheless, her family believes she may have been kidnapped.

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One thought on “Rochelle Simms

  1. Very sad 😭 to hear about Rochelle Sims death which is suspicious. She graduated the same year I did, and attended Stafford High School.

    She was sweet, and kind. Rochelle was very sensitive in many ways. RIP sweet heart!

    Class of 2002, Ashley Nave!


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