Amaya Stethers

Photo of Amaya Stethers, posing for a photo; she is a teenage girl with light-brown skin and hair in braids that curve around her head. She is wearing a pink and heart-print top.Name: Amaya “Joy” Stethers.
Died: June 1, 2017.
Age at death: 14.
Cause of death: Medical neglect (Untreated bowel obstruction).
Location: Syracuse, New York, USA.

Amaya was a member of the Syracuse Community Choir. She liked to dance; she loved fashion. She was her cat Yo-Yo’s best friend.

Amaya had schizophrenia as well as autism, so she sometimes had hallucinations and needed psychiatric care. She also had a tendency toward constipation, and sometimes needed treatment for obstructions.

When she went to a psychiatric center to be treated for the psychosis, the doctors there ignored her physical health–and a bowel obstruction went untreated for so long that Amaya died from it. They ignored her symptoms, even though an untrained observer would have noticed her distended stomach; and they didn’t consider that she might have a bowel obstruction even though she was on antipsychotics (which can have that side effect) and had a history of them.

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