Rudransh Panda

Panda, RudranshName: Rudransh “Romy” Panda.
Died: June 17, 2017.
Age at death: 18.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Hyderabad, India.

When Romy was twelve years old, his parents placed him at a rehabilitation center because they couldn’t take care of him. His parents visited him a lot, but when they tried to bring him home for a visit, he had a meltdown and broke some things, so they brought him back.

Romy suffered abuse at the center. He could not talk to report what was happening, but he was protesting by being more aggressive, and had stopped eating.

Romy died at the center in what is being called a “suspicious death”. He was found unresponsive at 5 a.m., when the autistic students usually took their morning walk; so staff left him in bed, took the other patients out for their walk, and didn’t check on him until 7 a.m., when they finally called his parents and told them that their son was sick. When his mother found out, she immediately took Romy to the hospital, but it was too late and Romy was declared dead on arrival. Preliminary autopsy pointed to a “cardiac arrest or brain hemorrhage”, but didn’t give any details on what might have caused the young man’s heart to stop.

Romy’s mother registered a complaint with the police. She reports that her son was strangled by his caretakers, who had also been abusing him. The case has been officially named a murder case.

My autistic son was killed, but cops are hounding me: Hyd woman’s fight for justice
Autistic youth dies at rehabilitation centre in Hyderabad

4 thoughts on “Rudransh Panda

  1. I am. The mother of Romy and romy did not have heart attack or brain hemorrhage, rather romy was murdered by manual strangulation of throttling after sexual assault just after his dinner at 9.30pm on 16th june 2017 ,by his caretakers. The culprits has been sexually abusing him since feb 2017 but romy being nonverbal could never express his pain. Rather he became more aggressive and left taking food loosing 7kgs weight in just 1.5months.Police has converted the case to ipc 302, muder case.


  2. Appreciate a lot for updating the facts in the article per my input. it pains a lot if people misrepresents the fact, especially when I am still struggling with state police, from nearly 1 year, to file the chargesheet against the culprits. Atleast these blogs can help other parents in taking a decision for their Kids.


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