Gavin Mason

Photo of Gavin Mason. Close-up sepia-toned photo of a teenage boy with light skin and medium-brown hair, wearing a knit cap.Name: Gavin Mason.
Died: June 24, 2017.
Age at death: 13.
Cause of death: Suicide, after long-term bullying.
Location: Basingstoke, Hampshire, England, UK.


Gavin was a high-schooler who had a language delay. He wasn’t able to tell his mother he was being bullied, though he did make friends with a neighbor down the street.

Gavin hanged himself, leaving a note that said he was bullied and had no friends. Police investigating the incident decided that there were “no major incidents” and “all the boys were as bad as each other”. In the end, they decided that Gavin hadn’t been competent to take his own life and didn’t even rule his death a suicide, instead recording an open verdict.

Editor: I find it particularly horrible that a thirteen-year-old boy could make a dying declaration about bullying and not be believed simply because everyone was about equally cruel to him. On top of that, they didn’t believe that he had committed suicide because he was young and disabled. In my opinion, Gavin Mason was bullied–he had no reason to lie about it–even though nobody ever broke any of his bones. Harassment can be vicious without ever seeming “significant”. And yes, he committed suicide. Disabled or not, he seems to have known exactly what he was doing.

If you need help surviving  a suicidal crisis, please find someone you trust and ask for help. If that doesn’t work, try calling a hotline–just type suicide hotline and your country or state into Google, and you should get a working phone number. Non-verbal folks should be able to find a chat room or private messenger. If you can’t get hold of anyone, go to a hospital and sit in the emergency room. Tell them you want to kill yourself. You will probably wait a long time and you may end up spending anywhere from a day to a week in the mental ward, which is one of the most boring places on earth; but it’s better than dying. If all else fails, put it off. Tell yourself you’ll do it tomorrow. Many a person with depression has managed to survive by sheer procrastination.

Autistic schoolboy who hanged himself in garage left heartbreaking final note claiming he ‘was being bullied and had no friends’
Teenager ‘died by his own hand’ an inquest hears

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