Omar Omran

Name: Omar Omran.
Died: July 10, 2017.
Age at death: 3.
Cause of death: Murder (Stabbed).
Location: Kimmage, Dublin, Ireland.

Omar’s father remembers him as an intelligent boy who had never met a stranger. When anyone said “Hello” to him, Omar would say “hello” back. Omar loved the neighbors’ dogs. The neighbors remember his big brown eyes and his lively chatter.

His mother was a doctor from Iraq who had moved to England around the time Omar was born. His father, separated from his mother, still lived in Iraq.

Omar was stabbed to death by his mother.

Neighbors left flowers, notes, and toys outside his apartment building. One neighbor’s note says that Omar used to throw his toys over his balcony, and his neighbor used to bring them back to him. Another note said simply, “Why???? R.I.P”.

Omar’s mother had been depressed because of the autism diagnosis. She admitted to stabbing the boy, but claimed rather vaguely that “it was not me, it was the power.” At trial, she was declared not guilty by reason of insanity and hospitalized.

Mother of boy stabbed to death in Dublin is Iraqi doctor
Doctor arrested after son, 3, is found stabbed to death
Boy (3) killed in Kimmage ‘not a stranger to anyone’, says father
Mum accused of killing autistic son told police ‘it was my knife’
Doctor is held over fatal stabbing of autistic son, 3
Doctor ‘arrested after her autistic toddler is stabbed to death in their flat’
Mum arrested over toddler son found dead with stab wounds in apartment
Detectives investigating fatal stabbing of toddler (3) arrest woman
Stab victim Omar (3) laid to rest after ‘final kiss’ from father
Heartbroken father of stabbed Irish tot kisses him goodbye as he is laid to rest
Tearful Father Of Omar Omran Lays Stabbed Son To Rest
Doctor accused of murdering son was ‘amazing’ mother, neighbour tells court
Doctor who stabbed her son (3) to death in their south Dublin home found not guilty of his murder
Doctor found not guilty of murdering son (3) by reason of insanity

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