Anthony Naiboa

Photo of Anthony Naiboa, a young man with medium-brown skin and dark brown hair and thin mustache. He is wearing a blue shirt and glasses and smiling broadly at the camera.Name: Anthony Taino Naiboa.
Died: October 19, 2017.
Age at death: 20.
Cause of death: Shooting.
Location: Tampa, Florida, USA.

Anthony graduated from high school with good grades and was working at his first job, packing disaster relief supplies for people affected by Hurricane Maria. He was very proud of his new job and was looking forward to treating his family to dinner with his first paycheck. Anthony was a musician who created and edited music on his computer.

On his way home from work, Anthony had to take a different bus route because of a cancellation. He got off the bus in an unfamiliar neighborhood, and someone shot him dead in the street. Anthony’s father believes he might have been targeted because of his autism; he had already been robbed once, probably by people who saw him as an easy target.

Seminole Heights, the neighborhood in which Anthony was shot, has had two other recent murders. The other victims were 22-year-old Benjamin Mitchell, who died on October 9th, and Monica Caridad Offa, 32, who died on October 13th. Police had few leads on the killer, though they did have a video taken near where Benjamin Mitchell was killed.

A month later, police arrested a suspect for carrying a gun into a McDonald’s; the man is now charged with four counts of murder.

Anthony’s family created a foundation that gives new laptops to autistic students headed to college.

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