Taylor Ibarra

Photo of a teenage boy with long dark-brown hair and olive-toned skin; he is holding up a book for the camera.Name: Taylor “Tay Tay” Ibarra.
Died: December 30, 2017.
Age at death: 14.
Cause of death: Suicide (After constant bullying).
Location: Galivants Ferry, South Carolina, USA.

Taylor was a middle-schooler with two brothers and a best friend named Kayla.

From Taylor’s obituary:
“Tay loved playing video games, especially Destiny 2. He loved his brothers dearly, and enjoyed Root Beer, Pizza, McDonalds and his cats Jazz and Diana and loved all animals… Tay Tay was kind hearted, had a great sense of humor and had a quirky smile that could light up a room.”

Taylor loved music, especially singing; but he only sang when he was alone.

Tay was bullied constantly by classmates and faculty at his middle school; they targeted him because of his disability. Tay committed suicide at the age of 14.

His mother is suing the school.

Vigil held for 14- year old Taylor Ibarra in hopes to prevent teenage bullying and suicide
South Carolina teen with autism commits suicide after constant bullying from classmates, lawsuit says
Lawsuit: Teen commits suicide after constant bullying from classmates, faculty at Aynor Middle School
Taylor Ibarra’s Notice

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