Trevyan Rowe

Photo of Trevyan Rowe, an African-American teen in a red shirt and jacket, wearing a stud earring. His lips are pressed together in a tense expression.Name: Trevyan Rowe.
Died: March 11, 2018.
Age at death: 14.
Cause of death: Accidental/Negligence (Wandering/drowning).
Location: Rochester, New York, USA.

In the morning before school, Trevyan walked away from his school bus. Instead of immediately reporting him absent and calling for help to find him before he was hurt, three different teachers at his school marked him “present” on the attendance sheet. His school didn’t call the police until his mother saw that he wasn’t on the bus home–ten hours later.

When Trevyan left the school parking lot, he headed for a river and was seen walking on the highway bridge over the water. Several drivers called 911 to report someone on the bridge, climbing on the guardrail, on the wrong side of the guardrail; but instead of sending the fire department dive team, the police only had a trooper drive by and, when he saw nothing, ignored the 911 calls. At that point, Trevyan was probably already in the water.

Several days later, Trevyan’s body was found in the river a mile and a half away; he had drowned.

If a search had begun immediately, or if the 911 calls from people who saw Trevyan on the bridge had been taken seriously, the teenager might have survived.

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