Jack Isenberg

Isenberg, JackName: Jackson Krueger “Jack” Isenberg.
Died: May 16, 2018.
Age at death: 12.
Cause of death: Suicide (Hanging, after long-term bullying and being told to kill himself by bullies).
Location: Orford, New Hampshire, USA.

Jack was a twelve-year-old boy who “…was kind and witty and could always show [his mother] a completely different perspective on something…. He loved his animals and he still wanted to hold [his mother’s] hand at 12 years old in the grocery store.” He was kind, generous, and helpful, and would pick flowers for his mother every day.

From Jack’s obituary:
He loved his cats and dog Bozzy. He loved swimming in the ocean for hours. He loved playing practical jokes on his sister and catered to his two little brothers. Jack was always seen riding his bike up and down the road, helping his neighbors and taking walks with his mom and siblings. He loved to read, watch cartoons and build with his Legos. He definitely did not like stacking wood, barn chores or weeding the garden.

Jack had the biggest of hearts and the kindest of intentions. He would often be seen coming home with flowers for his mom he had seen on his adventures outside.

Jack had anxiety, autism, and OCD, and though he desperately wanted to make friends, he was constantly rejected at school. The day before he died, he had (according to school officials) gotten into a “play fight” in the schoolyard. In reality, Jack had most likely been attacked by one of many bullies, who, as even the school admitted, had ended the incident by telling Jack to go home and kill himself.

Jack did exactly that. After years of bullying, he went for a walk, as he often did to play with his collie dog or visit the neighbors. But this time, he didn’t come back, and was found hanged, a victim of suicide.

References: Her 12-Year-Old Died By Suicide, And Here’s What She Wants You To Know
Obituary for Jack K. Isenberg at Stockbridge Funeral Home LLC

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