Timothy Cortinas

Photo of a middle-aged balding man, with olive skin, dark hair, and salt-and-pepper beard; he is looking at the camera with a slight smile. He is wearing a red T-shirt that says "Lucky Brand Cycles" in fancy script.Name: Timothy Cortinas.
Died: August 3, 2018.
Age at death: 51.
Cause of death: Neglect (Left in hot car).
Location: West Covina, California, USA.

Timothy was autistic, with epilepsy and an intellectual disability; so he lived in a group home and rode an assisted transport van to and from his daily activities.

On the way back home, the driver forgot to drop Timothy off; instead he just drove to his own home and parked the van, leaving Timothy inside. There, Timothy–who had only very limited speech and would not have left the van without being prompted–died of heat stroke.

His mother misses him dearly and visits his grave every week.

The driver was charged with involuntary manslaughter, and his mother is suing for wrongful death.

Sheriff’s detectives investigating death of man found in car in West Covina
Man with intellectual disability found dead, may have accidentally been left in car
Driver charged in death of autistic Walnut man who was left inside car on hot day
Man Charged in Death of Intellectually Disabled Man Left in Hot Car in West Covina
Man Charged for Leaving Disabled Client in Hot Car Where He Slowly Died
Caretaker Surrenders to Face Charges in Death of Disabled Man Left in Hot Car in West Covina
Driver arrested, charged with manslaughter in death of disabled man in sweltering car

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