Joel Urhie

Photo of Joel Urhie, a boy with dark skin and close-cropped hair, wearing a dress shirt and tie. He is holding a smart phone and making a thumbs-up gesture.Name: Joel Urhie.
Died: August 6, 2018.
Age at death: 7.
Cause of death: Murder (Died in arson-caused fire).
Location: Deptford, London, England, UK.

Joel was a sweet, bright boy who played football and liked reading. He wanted to be a firefighter.

Joel’s older brother was involved with gangs, and had gone to prison. In an attack that might have been aimed at Joel’s brother, who wasn’t even living in the house at the time, someone set the house on fire.

Joel’s mother and sister escaped the house, though both were injured. Joel was trapped in his bedroom; his body was found by firefighters.

Richard Taylor speaks out about Joel Uhrie’s murder
Is autistic boy killed in fire youngest victim of London gang crisis?
What caused the Deptford ‘arson’ fire and what happened to Joel Urhie?
Police suspect arson victim may have been innocent gang war casualty
Teacher tribute to boy, 7, killed in fire

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