Scott Fleurrey

Fleurrey, ScottName: Scott Fleurrey.
Died: April 28, 2019.
Age at death: 55.
Cause of death: Negligence (Drowning).
Location: Morrisville, Vermont, USA.

Scott needed constant supervision, so he lived with an aide hired by a government-funded aide agency. However, his quality of care was consistently low, and his house became messy and cluttered. Although his care plan said he shouldn’t be left unsupervised, his caregiver often left him home alone and let him go outside alone. Worse, there was a nearby pond with no fence around it.

Scott’s luck finally ran out on one of the occasions when he was left outside, unsupervised, for more than three hours. He died by drowning in the unsecured pond.

After 2 years, family of autistic man who died in state-contracted care still awaits answers
The Morrisville home where Scott Fleurrey lived before his death
Another death of a man in home-based care raises questions about oversight, training

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