Eiichiro Kumazawa

Kumazawa, EiichiroName: Eiichiro Kumazawa.
Died: June 1, 2019.
Age at death: 44.
Cause of death: Murder (Stabbed).
Location: Tokyo, Japan.

Eiichiro, after being bullied in school as a child, eventually withdrew into his house and stopped going out.

Eiichiro’s father stabbed him to death in a premeditated attack. He claimed self-defense, but Eiichiro had 36 stab wounds, while his father was barely scratched. Prosecutors pointed out that had Eiichiro’s father been worried about his son’s violent behavior, he could easily have consulted a doctor.

Eiichiro may not have been autistic. He was, however, a hikikomori (shut-in) with a developmental disorder. –Ed.

6-yr prison term upheld for ex-top bureaucrat over murder of son
Ex-elite bureaucrat accused of murdering son pleads not guilty
Ex-top bureaucrat appeals sentence for killing son
8 Years Sought for Ex-Bureaucrat over Murder of His Son
Tokyo prosecutors demand eight-year prison term for ex-farm bureaucrat Hideaki Kumazawa
8-year jail term sought for ex-top bureaucrat for murdering son
元次官長男殺害 「引きこもりは恥」と考える親の問題点

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