Daniel Ross

Name: Daniel Ross.
Died: June 29, 2019.
Age at death: 19.
Cause of death: Suicide/Negligence (Not informed of autism diagnosis; committed suicide).
Location: Hartlepool, Durham, England, UK.

Daniel was an art student who had always had problems with anxiety, especially in social situations, and was experiencing suicidal thoughts. At 19, he was finally booked for an autism assessment.

The assessment confirmed that Daniel was autistic, but the clinic failed to contact Daniel. Between the assessment and the diagnosis, 12 months passed.

Daniel, who had been struggling with depression, lost his life to suicide when he hung himself in a hotel room. He is mourned by his boyfriend and his father, who questions why it took so long to get him his assessment and communicate the results.

Autistic people who reach adulthood without a diagnosis frequently become depressed and isolated. In these cases, getting an evaluation and a diagnosis can be crucial to recovery, since not knowing how your own mind works makes it much harder to fight depression. The unconscionable delay in giving Daniel this information may well have raised his suicide risk. -Ed.

References: Teenager took his own life at hotel while awaiting autism diagnosis

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