Kevin Marshall

Marshall, KevinName: Kevin Marshall.
Died: July 4, 2019.
Age at death: 20.
Cause of death: Murder (Run down with car).
Location: Newton County, Georgia, USA.

Kevin was at a 4th of July celebration. He was talking to a neighbor when the neighbor’s boyfriend, enraged that she was talking to a black man, began beating him up. Marshall walked away; but the man got in his car and ran him down, killing him.

Kevin’s mother says he will be remembered for “his selfless acts, radiant smile, and warm spirit.” He “loved family and… little kids, and he loved going to church.”

Kevin’s killer was arrested after fleeing across state lines and charged with malice murder.

Driver hits, kills 20-year-old man with special needs on July 4th, police say
Police: Woman missing after boyfriend accused of killing man with special needs
Sheriff: Suspect intentionally ran over, killed special needs man
Autistic man viciously attacked, run over by fleeing suspect
Mother of man killed in hit-and-run makes desperate plea for driver to come forward
Murder victim’s mother calls her son’s death a hate crime
Man wanted for hitting, killing autistic man captured in New York
Man Wanted for Running Over, Killing Autistic Black Man with His Truck Arrested in New York
Georgia man wanted in fatal hit-and-run caught in New York
Murder suspect found in upstate New York
Newton County hit-and-run suspect arrested in New York
Suspect accused of running over special needs man arrested in New York
Suspect fled Georgia after allegedly killing an autistic man, later found in NY

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