Cameron Warwick

Photo of teenage boy with fair skin and brown hair hanging over his face. He has headpones around his neck. He is holding a small terrier and smiling for the camera.Name: Cameron Warwick.
Died: September 4, 2019.
Age at death: 16.
Cause of death: Suicide (After long-term bullying).
Location: Fareham, Hampshire, England, UK.

Cameron had come out as gay at age 12, and was constantly harassed by his schoolmates for being gay and autistic. They would trip him in the hallways, throw food at him, refuse to sit with him, insult him, and ostracize him. The teenager came down with depression, though he did his best to cope by talking to his family whenever something was wrong.

He was a talented artist, creating pieces themed around furries (humanoid animals); he also used his art to express his feelings about suicide.

Cameron wanted to study gaming in college, but although he had several 4s in his GCSEs, he came up short in his maths GCSE and opted for computer programming instead. Toward the end of summer holidays, he and his online boyfriend broke up. That, and the prospect of returning to bullying at school, may have been the last straw for him: The day he was supposed to start school, he instead went out into the woods and hung himself.

Teenager killed himself after being bullied for being autistic and gay
Teen boy died by suicide after ‘relentless’ bullying for being autistic and gay
Boy, 16, killed himself after ‘relentless’ bullying for being gay and autistic

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