Jill Millman

Photo of Jill Millman, a blond white woman wearing a tank top. She is smiling slightly, and cuddling a little brown dog.Name: Jill Millman.
Died: November 6, 2019.
Age at death: 35.
Cause of death: Stabbed.
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Jill loved reading books. She worked as a prep cook at a restaurant called The Dining Car, and hoped to become a chef. She was a friendly woman who got along especially well with elders. She lived in her own home, but called her family many times a day, with her first call at 7:15 sharp every morning.

A man that Jill knew entered her home and stabbed her to death. He was convicted of third-degree murder.

Man who stabbed autistic woman 125 times sentenced up to 40 years
Family Heartbroken After 35-Year-Old Woman With Autism Found Stabbed To Death Inside Bathroom Of Fox Chase Home
Philadelphia Police: Man Arrested In Connection To Murder Of Woman Found Stabbed To Death In Bathroom Of Fox Chase Home

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