Bowen Levy

Photo of a teenage boy with curly brown hair. He is grinning and his eyes are squeezed shut in laughter.Name: Bowen Levy.
Died: November 10, 2019.
Age at death: 17.
Cause of death: Choked on latex glove.
Location: Edgewater, Maryland, USA.

Bowen was an energetic teenager who was always smiling and laughing, and made everyone else around him smile too. He loved his family and he loved eating good food. Sesame Street’s Elmo was his favorite. He had two sisters.

Bowen went to a special school for severely disabled children. He needed a one-on-one aide to keep him safe; but the school, citing funding cuts and the difficulty of hiring aides, eventually denied him the aide. Bowen, lacking the supervision he needed to stay safe, tried to eat a latex glove, choked on it, and died in the hospital eight days before his 18th birthday.

In his obituary, his family says, “The world is simply a better place because he was in it.”

Bowen Levy’s Obituary
Parents of Maryland Teen Who Died in Class File Lawsuit
‘We can’t bring our son back:’ Family seeks answers after son chokes on a glove at Anne Arundel school
Social services investigates student’s death Bowen Levy’s family says they’re still waiting for answers

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