AJ Mitchell

Young heavyset African-American man in a graduation gown and mortarboard, grinning and holding up his fingers in a V-sign.Name: Anthony Jermaine “AJ” Mitchell.
Died: November 23, 2019.
Age at death: 19.
Cause of death: Unknown cause; died after confrontation with restaurant staff and police.
Location: Fulton County, Georgia, USA.

AJ was a cheerful young man who saw everyone as a friend. He enjoyed school and liked making people smile. When his mother was sad, he would always tell her, “Mom, it’s okay; don’t cry.”

On the day of his death, AJ went to a local restaurant, where he was known to go, to get food for his family. According to the restaurant owner, he ordered food but his credit card was declined; the restaurant owner gave him a meal anyway, but when AJ asked for another meal, the restaurant owner refused, and AJ jumped the counter. The restaurant owner claims he was “defending himself”, but actually, he and four other employees beat AJ and threw chairs at him, chasing him out of the restaurant where he sat on the pavement, bleeding from the mouth. When the police arrived, they restrained him and handcuffed him, worsening or causing more injury and probably compromising his airway.

Police called AJ’s mother Shanita to come pick him up. According to police, Shanita declined medical care for AJ; but Shanita never signed a document refusing medical treatment, and says she would never have refused medical treatment.

Shanita took AJ home and photographed his injuries. Shortly afterward, AJ collapsed, unconscious. Shanita called paramedics and tried to resuscitate him, but AJ didn’t respond. He died only hours after his confrontation with the police.

The exact cause of AJ’s death is undetermined; his mother is requesting an investigation. Any witnesses are urged to call Shanita’s lawyer at 404-965-3565.

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