Nathaniel Brettell

Brettell, NathanielName: Nathaniel Brettell.
Died: January 21, 2021 (Last seen; body not found).
Age at death: 56.
Cause of death: Unknown homicide.
Location: Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada.

Nathaniel’s friends Amanda and Regan remember him as “a loyal, caring person”. He was polite to others, but he was an introvert with only a few friends. He liked to keep a steady routine, and made a conference call to his friend Amanda every Thursday. When he missed a call, his friends called police to check on him.

During the wellness check, police were attacked by a knife-wielding man, who was then arrested and jailed while the police officers were treated for their injuries. In his room, police found Brettell’s blood, but no body.

Despite the lack of a body, police believe Nathaniel was murdered and are looking for his body.

Sister of missing Etobicoke man Nat Brettell refuses to give up hope he’ll be found alive
Missing man now subject of Toronto homicide investigation remembered by friend as ‘loyal and caring’

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