Cameron Forrest

Name: Cameron Paul Forrest.
Died: April 16, 2022.
Age at death: 24.
Cause of death: Homicide (Traumatic injury).
Location: Gladstone, Queensland, Australia.

Cameron’s mother and brother allegedly conspired to kill him–first by medication overdose, then by stabbing him with a knife. Cameron died from his injuries. After being treated for self-inflicted injuries and discharged from the hospital, Cameron’s mother and brother were arrested. Both were charged with murder.

Police say Cameron’s brother said Cameron would be better off dead because the family’s financial hardships were insurmountable.

Disturbing details emerge of ‘horrific’ Gladstone death after murder charges laid against mother and son

16-year-old boy

Name Unknown.
Died: March 16, 2021.
Age at death: 16.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

After this 16-year-old was found dead on the floor of his home, the teen’s cousin was charged with murder.

Man arrested in a KFC carpark and charged with the alleged murder of his severely autistic cousin | Daily Mail Online
Cousin charged with murder after teen’s body found


Name: Unknown; “H.B.”.
Died: July 3, 2019.
Age at death: 8.
Cause of death: Acute exacerbation of chronic asthma.
Location: Ulverstone, Tasmania, Australia.

This boy, known only by his initials as “HB”, lived with one set of grandparents in Bendigo, but was visiting his other set of grandparents in Ulverstone. When he began struggling to breathe, he was rushed to the hospital, and told the staff there that he had asthma.

However, the staff did not listen to the boy. Though they correctly identified his asthma, they insisted that his symptoms–coughing severely and panicking because he could not breathe–were those of a panic attack. Instead of treating his asthma as a serious problem and transferring him to a bigger hospital where he could receive intensive care, they gave him Ventolin (the medication often used in asthma inhalers) and waited.

Days later, the boy was still short of breath, and the staff was still insisting that he was having panic attacks. HB collapsed in a hospital bathroom and stopped breathing. An autopsy confirmed he had died from an asthma attack.

‘They thought it was a panic attack. It was not’: 8yo boy’s hospital death ‘entirely avoidable’
Boy, 8, dies in Tasmanian hospital after chronic condition misdiagnosed as panic attack
Wrong diagnosis blamed for boy’s death

Merna Aprem

Photo of a young woman with wavy brown hair and lightly tanned skin, wearing a black dress.Name: Merna Aprem.
Died: May 23, 2019.
Age at death: 20.
Cause of death: Drowning.
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Merna grew up as one of six children. She had epilepsy, often waking up with bites on her lips from having had an overnight seizure; falls were a danger for her.

She was an avid Star Wars fan who loved swimming and visiting coffee shops. She was a creative young woman who expressed herself in singing, art, and short-story writing.

At 20 years old, Merna moved into a group home where her family trusted she’d be cared for properly. Instead, she drowned when she had a seizure because she was left in the bathtub without an attendant.

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Dwayne Wright

Photo of young man with short brown hair, fair skin, and stubble; he is smiling slightly.Name: Dwayne Wright.
Died: December 23, 2018.
Age at death: 26.
Cause of death: Homicide (Shooting).
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Dwayne grew up in the foster system. At age 26, he was living on his own in subsidized housing. An introverted young man, he kept to himself and, his grandfather says, didn’t like to look for trouble from anyone outside his small social circle.

Two days before Christmas, the neighbors’ dogs started barking and simply wouldn’t stop. Dwayne grew angry and yelled out his window at the dogs to “shut up”. In response, his neighbor and his neighbor’s daughter–he with a sawed off shotgun and she with a baseball bat–went to his door and confronted him. Shortly afterward, Dwayne was dead from a shotgun blast that went through his screen door and then his chest.

What was said in that confrontation is unknown to anyone but Dwayne and his two neighbors, who claim that Dwayne verbally abused them and admitted to using methamphetamine. They say that the gun went off while the daughter was trying to take it out of her father’s hands.

After the shooting, the neighbor’s wife helped him dump the gun, which still hasn’t been found, and tried to provide an alibi by claiming he’d been walking the dogs with her at the time of the killing. Both were eventually arrested.

The neighbor who shot Dwayne was convicted of manslaughter. He was sentenced to only four years in prison.

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