Iyad Halak

Photo of a young man with tan skin and short black hair; his expression is neutral.Name: Iyad Halak.
Died: May 30, 2020.
Age at death: 32.
Cause of death: Police shooting (Unarmed).
Location: Jerusalem, Israel.

Iyad was a student at a special education institute. He was walking to school when police yelled at him to stop. Not understanding, or perhaps surprised and confused, Iyad ran and was pursued by the police until he ran into a dead-end alley. He died from one or more of the seven shots discharged at him.

Police claim they saw Iyad holding a weapon, but he was unarmed. The shooter has been charged with second-degree murder.

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Ran Weiss

Weiss, RanName: Ran Weiss
Died: January 8, 2016
Age at death: 31
Cause of death: Water poisoning; negligence
Location: Even Yehuda, Israel

Ran lived in a hostel for autistic people. He was supposed to be closely supervised because he had the tendency to drink large quantities of water, which can be dangerous.

But staff left him alone, and Ran drank seven liters of water in only two hours. When they finally checked on him, he was lying on the floor, vomiting and unable to stand, but the director did not call an ambulance. Instead, the director called Ran’s father, and it was his father who realized what must have happened and demanded that his son be taken to a hospital. But it was too late, and Ran died.

His grieving parents agreed to donate his organs, saving the lives of five people.

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