Ashton and Ethan Yap

Photo: Flowers left at a green railing in front of a shallow canal. There are three bouquets of yellow flowers and a line of white roses.Name: Ashton Yap.
Name: Ethan Yap.

Died: January 21, 2022.
Age at death: 11.
Cause of death: Homicide.
Location: Singapore.

Ashton and Ethan were 11-year-old twins who lived in Singapore. Their bodies were found in a canal; they had been killed, and authorities arrested their father and charged him with murder.

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Hui Yee Tang

Tang, Hui YeeName: Hui Yee Tang.
Died: August 20, 2017.
Age at death: 27.
Cause of death: Murder-suicide (Stabbed).
Location: Block 560 Pasir Ris Street 51, Singapore.

Ms. Tang lived with her father, mother, and two siblings. She liked to play with water, and would stand under the shower for hours at a time. Neighbors remember her as “a pleasant, quiet girl”. She was enrolled in a program at the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS).

Ms. Tang’s father stabbed her to death before committing suicide. He was “worried about her future”.

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Zhang (7-year-old male)

ZhangName: Zhang (First name unknown)
Age: 7
Died: September 13, 2014
Cause of death: Murder (pushed from 9th story window)
Location: “Block 815 in Tampines Avenue 4”, Singapore

This little boy was part of a family described by a neighbor as “private” and “quiet”. He had a 12-year-old brother and he lived with his parents and grandparents. His first name is unknown, but his surname was Zhang.

Neighbors had been hearing the boy’s mother scolding him and the boy crying daily–the mother would curse, and then the boy would cry inconsolably for twelve hours.

His mother, believing him to be the source of all her problems, decided to kill him. She told him to stand on a stool by the kitchen window, to look out and try to see if his grandmother was coming home. Then she grabbed his legs and pushed him through the window.

A neighbor saw the boy on the windowsill and at first thought that he was misbehaving–but then she saw the mother push the boy out the window. The boy was found dead on the ground below the kitchen window of his 9th-floor apartment. Shortly thereafter, his mother was arrested and charged with murder.

The killer pleaded guilty to culpable homicide and was sentenced to five years in jail.

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Faheem Farook

Name: Faheem Farook
Died: April 24, 2009
Age at death: 7
Cause of death: Homicide-Suicide (Fell from a building)
Location: Singapore

When he was only a year old, Faheem and his parents moved from India to Singapore, where his father had a job as a database administrator.

Faheem skipped crawling and started walking at nine months old, but he was picky about his food and didn’t make eye contact. At two, he was diagnosed with developmental delay and put into early intervention. As he got older, he was expelled from several day-cares for being “too disruptive”.

At seven years old, Fareem was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. One day at school he finished a test early and got up, annoying his classmates and poking one with a pair of scissors. The school expelled him.

When the boy came home, Faheem’s father said he would take him to a mosque. Instead, he jumped off a high-rise building with the boy. Both died on impact. Apparently, Faheem’s father had had chest pains and, worried that he’d leave his wife alone with his son, wanted to spare his wife the “burden” of raising an autistic child.

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