I welcome your help with this memorial. Any information on any of the people memorialized here, as well as names of new cases, will be very useful.

What information do you need?
Most useful:

  • The names of people who are not on the memorial, but should be. Read the FAQ to get more information on which cases I am collecting. Briefly: These are people who were either autistic or thought to be autistic, who died because of prejudice, maltreatment, lack of services, or murder. The death of an autistic person is always a tragedy, but these cases are those deaths which could have been prevented if autistic people were given full human rights in the eyes of their families, medical professionals, the government, and their communities.
  • Information that tells the reader who the deceased person was–what they liked to do, their friends, their families, their personality quirks. Things as seemingly insignificant as “He had a real sweet tooth,” or, “She liked to cook,” are very valuable information because they make that person’s individuality clear.
  • Photographs of those for whom I don’t have pictures.
  • Reliable sources–news articles, court cases, obituaries, etc.–especially for those cases where documentation is slim.
  • Historical cases. Autism existed in the past, even before we knew what it was. These people were often labeled “feeble-minded” (or similar terms for intellectual disability); some were diagnosed with “schizophrenia”. Others went without a diagnosis. If there’s reason to believe that they were autistic, I would like to hear about them. Right now, I am looking for profiles of individuals killed in Aktion T-4, the involuntary euthanasia program for the disabled in Nazi Germany. There are also hints that some people accused of witchcraft were mildly autistic loners.
  • Corrections. Whether it’s a date out of place, an incorrect fact, or even a simple grammatical error or typo, tell me and I will fix them. For factual errors, please provide a source.
  • Information about how the person died. This is often the easiest to obtain, but it’s necessary; otherwise I wouldn’t know whether to include someone.

What shouldn’t I send?
Natural deaths, death by accident, and deaths where the person was killed for some other reason than their autism. For example–the autistic victims of the Newtown school shooting, Dylan Hockley and Josephine Grey, are not included because there is no evidence that their autism made them more vulnerable; in fact, their teachers died shielding them. Autistic cigar store owner Mobeen Hakeem is not included because he was killed, along with his brother, during a robbery gone wrong–a motive unrelated to his autism.

You can send stories of people who were never diagnosed with autism or probably did not have autism, if they were labeled autistic in some way. People with disabilities other than autism do face the same sort of danger of maltreatment and homicide, but if I included them, I would not be able to keep up with the flood of names. If you have a site memorializing victims of hate crime, abuse, neglect, etc., who had other disabilities, you can post that, and I’ll link to it.

I’ve found some information. Where should I send it?

  • Send e-mail to lisa450 @ (remove the spaces around the @ sign).
  • Comment on the memorial post with the person whose information you’re updating.

Will you credit me?
Yes, if you want me to. You can always post anonymously or ask me to leave out your name.