K. D.

Name: K. D.
Died: April 23, 2020.
Age at death: 30.
Cause of death: Medical neglect.
Location: Forest Hills, Queens, New York City, New York, USA.

K. D. was a Filipino-American inmate at Rikers Island, having violated his probation for possession of child porn. Before he was imprisoned, he lived with his mother, father, and younger sister. He had autism, depression, and an anxiety disorder, as well as asthma, gout, and sleep apnea. In prison, he had to go into protective custody because, due to his charges, he was in danger of violence from other inmates. He was placed in a medical unit so that he could have access to his CPAP machine, a non-invasive ventilator that keeps sleep apnea patients breathing during the night.

K.D. began having symptoms of COVID and tested positive, but the 39-bed medical dorm he was housed in for the first six days after his diagnosis, and which was more than half full, was not a COVID ward. From this we can conclude that staff did not particularly care whether their prisoners spread COVID to one another.

Despite the fact that K.D. had asthma and sleep apnea staff took away his CPAP machine and would not give him nebulizer treatments. Their rationale was that these could spread COVID. (See above: They also put infected patients in the same ward with non-infected patients, making it doubtful that their main motivation was to slow the spread of COVID.)

K.D. had trouble getting the simplest of medical treatments, reporting to his mother that he couldn’t even get Tylenol for his fever. They also did not tell K.D. that he had COVID for two days after he was diagnosed. Only when he went into respiratory distress was he taken to Bellevue Hospital.

At Bellevue, K.D. was finally allowed his nebulizer treatments and CPAP, but his health declined steadily. He was able to talk to his mother on the phone, who began advocating for him to be granted compassionate release. But by the time a formal hearing was convened, K.D. was already on a ventilator and could not be moved. About two weeks later, he died from COVID at the age of 30.

How the City Failed Three Men Who Died of COVID-19 in Jail: Watchdog
Draft COVID PDRB report_to agencies_Redacted

Daniel Jeffery

Name: Daniel Jeffery.
Died: April 13, 2020.
Age at death: 32.
Cause of death: Murder (Beaten).
Location: Leeds, England, UK.

Daniel was a smart young man who worked in IT. His mother was his best friend.

Daniel met another young man in a pub, and they started hanging out together. But the young man was a bully, and his mother worried about Daniel, who she says was “easily led”, spending time with him.

Daniel and the other man had been spending time in the other man’s flat, drinking, when the other man became angry at him and started hitting him. Daniel texted his mother, asking for help. But the other man hit him repeatedly, until Daniel was so badly hurt that he died.

A judge sentenced the killer to 16 years to life.

Violent ‘bully’ must serve minimum of 16 years in jail for brutally murdering his friend after getting ‘fed up’ with him
Man denies murder after body found in Hunslet flat
Leeds bully jailed for beating ‘gentle giant’ to death in flat
Murder victim suffered more than 100 injuries to his head and body as he was beaten to death at Leeds flat, jury told

Joel Parks

Parks, JoelName: Joel “Bubby” Parks.
Died: September 22, 2019.
Age at death: 30.
Cause of death: Murder (Poisoned with overdose of medication).
Location: Bradenton, Florida, USA.

Joel took part in an Easter Seals day program. He played baseball on the Miracle League and was called “Home Run Joel” for his love of the sport.

Joel lived in a group home most of the week, but visited his grandmother on the weekends. His family called him “Bubby”. Although his grandmother claimed she thought no one would care for him after she died, Joel’s mother and sister both say they were perfectly willing to step in; in fact, his sister was visiting when he died. Had that failed, Joel had state funding set aside to ensure his care continued if his grandmother died.

Joel’s grandmother killed him with an overdose of medication.

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Bradenton grandmother accused of killing disabled grandson, fearing no one would care for him after she died
Family questions grandmother’s supposed motive for overdosing grandson

Kenneth French

Photo of a Hispanic young man in glasses and red Angels baseball cap and sweater.Name: Kenneth French.
Died: June 14, 2019.
Age at death: 32.
Cause of death: Police shooting (Unarmed).
Location: Corona, California, USA.

Kenneth French’s cousin describes him as “non-aggressive, non-violent, non-verbal.” Kenneth could drive, cook breakfast, and sometimes worked part-time jobs. Although not explicitly called autistic in the news articles, Kenneth was unable to communicate using speech, an ability he had been gradually losing over the years, had a mild intellectual disability, and behaved like a “functioning autistic adult”.

Although a recent change in medication had him off-kilter, Kenneth and his parents had gone to Costco and were standing in line for samples. Perhaps deliberately, perhaps not, he pushed one of the other customers in line. Unbeknownst to him, the man was an off-duty police officer.

Kenneth’s father tried to intervene, explaining that Kenneth had a mental disability; but the officer pulled his gun and fatally shot Kenneth, who was unarmed. He also shot Kenneth’s parents, Russel and Paola, in the back. They were hospitalized in critical condition and, after a long recovery, survived.

Lawsuit filed against officer, city of L.A. in Corona Costco shooting death
L.A. officer in fatal off-duty shooting will not be charged
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Costco shooting: Man pushed LAPD officer, had recently changed medications, attorney says
Costco shooting: Man killed by off-duty officer had an intellectual disability, cousin says

Eiichiro Kumazawa

Kumazawa, EiichiroName: Eiichiro Kumazawa.
Died: June 1, 2019.
Age at death: 44.
Cause of death: Murder (Stabbed).
Location: Tokyo, Japan.

Eiichiro, after being bullied in school as a child, eventually withdrew into his house and stopped going out.

Eiichiro’s father stabbed him to death in a premeditated attack. He claimed self-defense, but Eiichiro had 36 stab wounds, while his father was barely scratched. Prosecutors pointed out that had Eiichiro’s father been worried about his son’s violent behavior, he could easily have consulted a doctor.

Eiichiro may not have been autistic. He was, however, a hikikomori (shut-in) with a developmental disorder. –Ed.

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8-year jail term sought for ex-top bureaucrat for murdering son
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