Levi Ernest-Morrison

Photo of Levi Ernest-Morrison. He is a dark-skinned teenage boy wearing a dress shirt and vest and a baseball cap, with his arm around someone to the left of the picture.Name: Levi Ernest-Morrison.
Died: April 10, 2021.
Age at death: 17.
Cause of death: Murder (Stabbed).
Location: Sydenham, South East London, England, UK.

Levi was a quiet, well-mannered boy. Self-conscious due to alopecia (hair loss), he didn’t often go out; but he had befriended a neighbor who had had multiple strokes, and once saved her life with first aid. He didn’t want to put up a tent in the yard because he was afraid of damaging his mother’s plants. He wanted to go to the Caribbean and build a family home there.

Levi had nerve damage in his leg, so he walked with a crutch. His mother thinks that this may have made him look like an “easy target” to his assailants when one of them ran him over with her car and the other stabbed him to death.

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Oliver Stephens

Photo of a teenage boy with very curly brown hair, light skin, dark eyes, and a black shirt, smiling for the camera. He has an earbud in his ear.Name: Oliver Lucas “Olly” Stephens.
Died: January 3, 2021.
Age at death: 13.
Cause of death: Murder (Stabbed).
Location: Reading, Berkshire, England, UK.

Oliver, called Olly, had a 16-year-old sister named Emilia. He attended Highdown School, to which he had been scheduled to return the day after he died.

He was ambushed and stabbed to death in a park by several other teenagers.

His family called him “hilariously funny, charming and beautiful”. They remember that Olly “…always stood his ground and fought for the underdog whilst having an amazing depth of love, warmth and wit…. An Olly-sized hole has been left in our hearts.”

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Dylan Freeman

Blurry photo of a young boy wearing a sweater and thick glasses. His dirty-blond hair is parted on the side and his expression is neutral.

Name: Dylan Freeman.
Died: August 16, 2020.
Age at death: 10.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Acton, London, England, UK.

Dylan was born into a well-to-do family. His father was a celebrity photographer who, after the couple divorced, stayed fully involved in Dylan’s life.

Dylan, who was born with Cohen syndrome, used a wheelchair and communicated by making noises. His neighbors remember seeing him go to school in a specially adapted van.

Dylan’s father says, “Dylan was a beautiful, bright, inquisitive and artistic child who loved to travel, visit art galleries and swim.” He often took his son on vacation overseas.

Dylan’s mother killed him by drugging him and suffocating him with a sponge.

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Joe Pooley

Pooley, JoeName: Joe Pooley.
Died: August 7, 2018.
Age at death: 22.
Cause of death: Murder (Drowned).
Location: Ipswitch, England, UK.

Joe was being bullied by several people, one of whom was his girlfriend. One woman lured her to his house to meet her and three others; then the four of them took him out on a walk. With his girlfriend cheering them on, two men beat him up and threw him into the river. One of them held his head underwater, and they watched him drown.

Murder accused told mother ‘I held his head under water’, court hears
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Daniel Jeffery

Name: Daniel Jeffery.
Died: April 13, 2020.
Age at death: 32.
Cause of death: Murder (Beaten).
Location: Leeds, England, UK.

Daniel was a smart young man who worked in IT. His mother was his best friend.

Daniel met another young man in a pub, and they started hanging out together. But the young man was a bully, and his mother worried about Daniel, who she says was “easily led”, spending time with him.

Daniel and the other man had been spending time in the other man’s flat, drinking, when the other man became angry at him and started hitting him. Daniel texted his mother, asking for help. But the other man hit him repeatedly, until Daniel was so badly hurt that he died.

A judge sentenced the killer to 16 years to life.

Violent ‘bully’ must serve minimum of 16 years in jail for brutally murdering his friend after getting ‘fed up’ with him
Man denies murder after body found in Hunslet flat
Leeds bully jailed for beating ‘gentle giant’ to death in flat
Murder victim suffered more than 100 injuries to his head and body as he was beaten to death at Leeds flat, jury told