Jacklyn Nguyen

Name: Jacklyn Nguyen.
Died: June 10, 2015.
Age at death: 2.
Cause of death: Fatal abuse (Beaten).
Location: Los Banos, California, USA.

Jacklyn’s mother was worried that she would have a “difficult future”, but a chiropractor in California promised to cure her. He said that he wanted to have Jacklyn stay with him, because there she could get specialized equipment and supplements. So her mother sent Jacklyn to stay with the chiropractor who promised to cure her developmental disability. But the chiropractor beat her severely, and Jacklyn died. He claimed she had fallen, and that he had tried to revive her with acupressure; but he was eventually convicted of child abuse and manslaughter.

Jacklyn had a developmental disability, but it’s unknown whether she had autism. However, the chiropractor who beat her to death was known for advertising cures for autistic children who came to stay with him.

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Patterson man says 2-year-old girl fell. Pathologist said that’s not how she died.
Patterson man sentenced in death of toddler with developmental disability

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